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Cat Houses

Custom built homes for cats

Each cat house is unique, as I build them from run down or incomplete vintage doll houses. The structure of the original doll house directly affects the way it turns out, making for a wide and exciting variety in home styles. I recently acquired a fabulous old Victorian doll house, complete with a turret and lots of gingerbread. Its perfect for a witch and her familiar.


Each house takes 2-3 weeks to complete and are fully play tested by my feline supervisors: Casper and Dusty. These homes are made with love, care, and attention to detail. I work directly with the customers to create something humans will love to look at, and cats will love to be in. These homes are a beautiful solution to an ugly cat tree problem.

House features can include:

Multiple entry/exit points

Multiple levels

Sheep skin rug for biscuit making

Faux fur rug for more biscuits

Removable & washable rugs

Mirrors, family portraits, and other home decor

Mini furniture

Multiple kinds of scratch surfaces

Dangling cat toys

Homegrown cat nip

Open windows for reaching through and batting stuff

Cat grass beds

Whatever you want!

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